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Patagonian Cherry Species Details   (Back)

Detailed information pertaining to Patagonian Cherry (Guibourtia, chodatianal) is detailed below:

Specie Names
Lumber Name(s): Kuruguay, Sirari, Tiete Rosewood.
Grown in: Paraguay, Bolivia.
Patagonian Cherry (also known as Tiete Rosewood) is a unique rose-colored wood that is extremely dense. Patagonian Cherry's unique beauty will brighten any space.
Color Range and Color Change
Color Range: Patagonian Cherry exhibits a wide range of color variability between pale pinks to darker purplish reds with occasional dark striping.
Color Change: Patagonian Cherry undergoes a medium degree of color change from a pink red to a slightly deeper medium red with the muting of the initial color variation.
Where to Use
Patagonian Cherry may be used both residentially and commercially wherever a pink/reddish color is desired.
Product availability
Available in the following collections: Exotic.
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Hardness Chart
Hardness Chart for Patagonian Cherry.