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Australian Cypress Species Details   (Back)

Detailed information pertaining to Australian Cypress (Callitrus, glauca) is detailed below:

Specie Names
Lumber Name(s): Australian Cypress, Cypress Pine.
Grown in: Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.
With a wide range of cream/straw/honey brown tones and filled with darker character knots, Australian Cypress is the ideal flooring choice wherever a warm, rustic country look is desired. Slow growth in a semi-arid area in Australia allows this species to be the only commercial softwood harder than red oak.
Color Range and Color Change
Color Range: Australian Cypress has an extreme range of color variability.
Color Change: Australian Cypress will exhibit a modest amount of color change over time with a slight muting of the color range and some ambering.
Where to Use
Australian Cypress may be used both residentially as well as commercially, where it is very popular in restaurants, ski lodges and retail stores. It is the superior "softwood" for both residential and commercial use.
Special Characteristics and Issues
Expect checking (minor cracking) to develop over time. In addition, there will be cracking in and around the knots over time and the finish above the knots and these cracks may separate and peel slightly. This is part of the character that develops with these species. Do not install if these characteristics that may/will develop over time will not meet your expectations.
Site Sanding/ Finishing: there are some finish adhesion issues on the knots. Please check the finish you are using first on some hand samples and, once dry, try scratching the finish off the knots. If the finish fails, try another finish. We have researched several finishes and offer specific recommendations in our Installation/Finish/Safety Instructions specific to Australian Cypress.
Product availability
Available in the following collections: World Woods, Exotic.
See a list of all Australian Cypress products.
Hardness Chart
Hardness Chart for Australian Cypress.