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Royal Mahogany Species Details   (Back)

Detailed information pertaining to Royal Mahogany (Pithecellobium, arboreum) is detailed below:

Specie Names
Lumber Name(s): Cola de Marona, Barba Jolote.
Grown in: Guatemala, Mexico, Belize.
Royal Mahogany is unique wood, which we introduced into N. America for flooring use, due to its striking resemblance to genuine Honduran Mahogany and superior hardness.
Color Range and Color Change
Color Range: Royal Mahogany is a relatively uniform medium reddish/brown colored species, especially when used in its quartersawn figure. In the flat cut selection, a wider range of coloration, varying between light brown to medium reddish brown with darker striping may be found.
Color Change: Royal Mahogany exhibits a medium degree of color change as it darkens over time to a rich deep mahogany color.
Where to Use
Royal Mahogany is used both residentially and commercially wherever the look of true Honduran mahogany is desired but superior hardness is required.
Product availability
Available in the following collections: World Woods.
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Hardness Chart
Hardness Chart for Royal Mahogany.