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Collection Specifications

Below is a list of all flooring formats (construction, finish and thickness) in the Bucks County collection. Under each format the available species, widths and grades are listed. A table summarizing the Janka hardness of each species in the collection is included at the bottom of the page.

Prefinished Engineered, 12.5mm (1/2") thick

Species Comparative Hardness (Janka Scale—see below)

Brazilian Cherry
Striped Ebony
Striped Rosewood
White Ash
Red Oak (Indus. Std.)

The Janka Hardness test measures the pounds of force required to embed a 11.28 millimeter (0.444 inch) steel ball into wood to half its diameter. It's one of the best measures of the ability of a wood species to withstand denting and wear. It's also a good indicator of how hard a species is to saw or nail. Janka Hardness and Specific Gravity for all wood flooring species.