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Palo Blanco Species Details   (Back to Species List)

Detailed information pertaining to Palo Blanco (Celtis, laevigata) is detailed below:

Specie Names
Lumber Name(s): Almez Americano, American Celtis, Bagolaro Americano, Bois, Inconnu, Connu, Lowland Hackberry, Micocoulier a Sucre, Sockernasslatrad, Southern Hackberry, Sugarberry, Sugar Hackberry, Suikernetelboom, Texas Sugarberry.
Palo Blanco is a moderately hard wood that is straight-grained and resistant to bending. Its sapwood is pale yellow to grayish or greenish yellow, while its heartwood is yellowish gray-brown to light brown. Its technical qualities are similar to those of Elm and White Ash, and it is sometimes used as a substitute for these species.
Product availability
This species is currently not available in any collections.
Hardness Chart
Hardness Chart for Palo Blanco.
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